Shiren the Wanderer review (Vita)

Shiren the Wanderer is the latest release in the long-running Mystery Dungeon series by (Spike) Chunsoft. The series has entries in the Pokémon and Dragon Quest realms, but this is already the fifth major entry in the Shiren series as well – although it’s the series debut on the Vita. Continue reading “Shiren the Wanderer review (Vita)”

DrinkBox Collection review (Vita)

DrinkBox Studios might very well be the most successful Vita developer yet, if you consider the fact that they’ve only released three games and they were all extremely well received. With an average review score of about 85/100, they have some of the best Vita games ever under their belt. The exciting news is that those games have now been bundled together in the DrinkBox Collection, available for a reduced price in the Playstation Store. Here’s a quick look at what’s inside. Continue reading “DrinkBox Collection review (Vita)”