Gryphon Knight Epic (pre-alpha) preview

Gryphon Knight Epic is a medieval fantasy themed shoot ’em up that brings back 20+ year old memories. We played an early pre-alpha, and if you’re a fan of the colorful shooters of the eigties and early nineties you should check out this project that is currently being funded through Kickstarter. Continue reading “Gryphon Knight Epic (pre-alpha) preview”

Gamescom casual and mobile previews

This year’s Gamescom had more than its fair share of mobile and casual games. With nearly all major publishers investing heavily in this growing platform, we decided to take a look at some of the titles that could be gracing an iPad or Android tablet near you in the next few months. What we found is that the casual gaming marketplace is a breeding ground for original gaming concepts, but has plenty of games that shows that its roots lie in more traditional experiences. Continue reading “Gamescom casual and mobile previews”