The Park review (Xbox One)

When we first read the press release announcing The Park’s upcoming release for PS4 and Xbox One, we were a bit surprised. We had seen it come out on the PC, but being a spin-off product of Funcom’s The Secret World, this seemed like a natural fit in terms of a release platform. The Secret World isn’t available on consoles, so let’s see how it fares as a ‘standalone’ release on consoles. Continue reading “The Park review (Xbox One)”

HTR+ Slot Car Simulation review (Vita)

I’m sure not everyone is familiar with the slot car phenomenon, at least not by that name. I myself grew up owning and loving them, even if the fun was often short-lived. The name “slot car” didn’t mean a thing to me though, I just wanted an electronic race track as a little boy. Continue reading “HTR+ Slot Car Simulation review (Vita)”

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada review (PC)

The development of Battlefleet Gothic: Armada must have gone quickly over the past eight or nine months. Back in August we met up with the developers from Tindalos Interactive, and back then all we were able to see was some early pre-recorded footage of the game in action. Fast forward to April, and the game is here in its finished form – here’s our review. Continue reading “Battlefleet Gothic: Armada review (PC)”

The Banner Saga 2 review (PC)

Last year, we only covered The Banner Saga 2 indirectly. When we discussed Skyshine’s Bedlam we pointed out that the game used Stoic’s engine for The Banner Saga – showing how much that game inspired developers within the isometric strategy genre. Now it’s Stoic’s turn again, because The Banner Saga 2 is finally here – the sequel to the indie PC hit that eventually came to consoles as well. Continue reading “The Banner Saga 2 review (PC)”