Bombing Busters review (Vita)

Bombing Busters was released for PS4 a while ago, and now comes to Vita owners. Nevertheless – if you never played the PS4 version then the game will still be a very familiar sight to old school gamers. Remember Bomberman (or Dynablaster)? Bombing Busters is exactly that type of game, though with a few twists and changes here and there. Continue reading “Bombing Busters review (Vita)”

Darksiders II – Deathinitive Edition review (PS4)

Darksiders is one of those franchises that went into limbo when THQ went belly-up a few years ago. The franchise has now been bought by Nordic games, but they haven’t announced any new games in the series yet. The original development studio (Vigil Games) no longer exists, and its employees have scattered across the gaming industry. Funnily enough, we actually just interviewed Darksiders’ art director John Mueller about his new game Skyshine’s Bedlam. Continue reading “Darksiders II – Deathinitive Edition review (PS4)”