Wondershot review (Xbox One)

The central premise of Wondershot is becoming a familiar one. It’s somewhat similar to the recent Knight Squad, and can also be compared to last year’s Discstorm – which was steam-exclusive but should still be coming to the Vita. In all these games, frantic combat takes place in a small arena with a top-down perspective – and (local) multiplayer is the best way to enjoy it. Continue reading “Wondershot review (Xbox One)”

Foul Play review (Vita)

Not familiar with the game when I started playing it, Foul Play really surprised me with its original premise. The key here was in its title. Foul Play could have been a political simulation or a violent take on a popular sport, but it’s a bit more clever than that. The word “play” has to be interpreted in terms of a stage play, albeit a very unusual one. Continue reading “Foul Play review (Vita)”

Cities: Skylines – Snowfall review (PC)

For about 25 years, SimCity was king in the city building/management genre. Sure, there were plenty of similar games and sub-genres (often with “tycoon” in the title), but Will Wright’s pioneering simulation – and its sequels – kept defining the genre. Now there’s a new kid on the building block. Cities: Skylines has delighted aspiring city builders since its release last year, and launches its second expansion entitled Snowfall this month. Continue reading “Cities: Skylines – Snowfall review (PC)”