Lords of the Fallen review (PC/PS4)

Lords of the Fallen is a more than competent action romp featuring Nordic influences blended with a fantasy theme. It’s certain to appeal to fans of similar games such as Dark Souls II but might not hold the same appeal to fans of the God of War series. Continue reading “Lords of the Fallen review (PC/PS4)”

BlazeRush review (PC)

I grew up playing games like Super Sprint, Super Cars and Ivan ‘Ironman’ Stewart’s Super Off Road and have always been fond of racing little miniature cars around a track. If you’re not quite as old, you may remember the Micro Machines or Death Rally series, or even Rock ‘n Roll Racing for the SNES. And now we have BlazeRush by Targem, which wants to follow in the footsteps of those games with all the features we’ve gotten to know over the four decades that the genre has been around for. Continue reading “BlazeRush review (PC)”