Grand Ages: Medieval review (PC)

We first saw Grand Ages: Medieval in the summer of 2014 when we met with developer Gaming Minds during Gamescom – we liked what we saw, and later covered the game in a preview as well. Now the game has been released, and it will soon get a PS4 version as well. A bold move, because strategy games on this type of scale are typically restricted to the PC domain. It might just work though… Continue reading “Grand Ages: Medieval review (PC)”

SOMA review (PC)

Swedish developer Frictional Games has become almost synonymous with the development of games that many regard to be some of the scariest ones out there. The Penumbra and Amnesia games weren’t just considered to be scary, they were also very well received. Frictional handed over development duties for Amnesia’s sequel to The Chinese Room (who recently launched Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture), which makes SOMA their first self-developed title in just over five years. Continue reading “SOMA review (PC)”

Armikrog review (PC)

One of our favorite Gamescom stories was about the game Armikrog, and how developer Pencil Test Studios originally pitched the game to now-publisher Versus Evil. While visiting Pencil Test to discuss possibly publishing Armikrog later on, one of the developers suddenly asked, “Hey, would you like to see the game?” What followed was not quite was you’d expect… Continue reading “Armikrog review (PC)”

Cross of the Dutchman review (PC)

Cross of the Dutchman is, thematically speaking, a very interesting action RPG. It doesn’t involve a fantasy or sci-fi realm, not does it take place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Instead, the story is about a Frisian man called Pier Gerlofs Donia, who lived in the north of the Netherlands and has become somewhat of a local legend. Continue reading “Cross of the Dutchman review (PC)”