David Braben on Elite: Dangerous

With Elite: Dangerous just around the corner, we’re happy to publish our account of a talk we had with series co-creator David Braben recently. Read on to find out what he had to say about the technology involved, the space trading/combat genre and what to expect from Elite: Dangerous when it releases on December 16. Continue reading “David Braben on Elite: Dangerous”

Space Hulk Ascension Edition review (PC)

The original release of Space Hulk was seen by many as a good representation of the board game original, but limited in scope as a video game. The core board game mechanics don’t allow for the amount of depth we’ve come to expect from titles in the genre, and developer Full Control didn’t address this in their initial game. Now, with the Ascension Edition, they are looking to upgrade the entire experience. Continue reading “Space Hulk Ascension Edition review (PC)”