Shiren the Wanderer review (Vita)

Shiren the Wanderer is the latest release in the long-running Mystery Dungeon series by (Spike) Chunsoft. The series has entries in the Pokémon and Dragon Quest realms, but this is already the fifth major entry in the Shiren series as well – although it’s the series debut on the Vita. Continue reading “Shiren the Wanderer review (Vita)”

Virtual Air Guitar interview – motion control and virtual reality

Amidst all the talk about Virtual Reality headsets, Virtual Reality controllers and (upcoming) Virtual Reality games, we’re forgetting that there is an overall trend that we’ve seen pop up for about ten years now. That trend is, of course, the changes we’re seeing in the way we’re interacting with games. Virtual Reality is, for now at least, quite a complex and expensive way to change your game experience, and we’ll see how the general public takes to it. Meanwhile, we talked to Virtual Air Guitar’s Aki Kanerva about a trend that is much more mainstream already: motion gaming. Continue reading “Virtual Air Guitar interview – motion control and virtual reality”

Aegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault review (PC)

Not too long ago, we reviewed the genre-defying indie title (with the impossibly long name) Aegis of Earth – Protonovus Assault. Available from Aksys/PQube in the west for all of Sony’s current platforms, it has now been released on Steam for PC owners to enjoy. Continue reading “Aegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault review (PC)”