Panzer Tactics HD review (PC)

Panzer Tactics HD is the 2014 update to a 2007 Nintendo DS game. Available for the first time on PCs through the Steam platform, how does the game stack up against others in the genre on a platform with such a rich history for strategy games – a platform that is also home to the acclaimed Panzer General series. Continue reading “Panzer Tactics HD review (PC)”

Men of War – Assault Squad 2 review (PC)

Men of War – Assault Squad 2 brings a major update to an already excellent WW 2 real time strategy game. We checked out the game upon its release to see how it compares to the original assault squad as well as other games in the genre such as last year’s excellent Company of Heroes 2. Continue reading “Men of War – Assault Squad 2 review (PC)”

Bound by Flame review (PS4)

Bound by Flame is a by-the-book action RPG for PS4, PS3, X360 and PC, and manages to entertain while never really blowing you away. We reviewed the PS4 version of the game, developed by the French studio Spiders which started out developing adventure games but have recently released RPG titles such as Of Orcs and Men and Mars: War Logs. Continue reading “Bound by Flame review (PS4)”

Enemy Front preview (multi)

The release date for Enemy Front was recently announced as June 13th, 2014. We got to see the game in action a while ago and liked what we saw, so it’s high time for a preview for what could be a surprise hit this summer. The game returns to the WW II arena that many shooters called home a few years ago, but does so in a very different way than you may be used to. Continue reading “Enemy Front preview (multi)”