Sorcerer King – Developer Interview

Stardock’s latest game, Sorcerer King, introduces a brand new angle to 4X – a genre which Stardock helped shape with classics such as Sins of a Solar Empire and Galactic Civilizations. We got in touch with Stardock’s Adam Biessener to get some background info before delving into the game for our review – which will follow very soon! Continue reading “Sorcerer King – Developer Interview”

Bunker – The Underground Game developer interview (PC)

This past week saw the release of Bunker – The Underground Game. An indie point and click adventure inspired by the classic games of the 90s that promises a healthy dose of witty humor and pop culture references. As Otto Thompson, you explore an underground bunker that echoes the cold war era and the threat of nuclear war. Judging from our first half hour with the game, the perfect setting for comedy 😉 We spoke to Tony Sundell, the solo developer behind the project to find out more. Continue reading “Bunker – The Underground Game developer interview (PC)”

Kholat – developer interview

We discussed the upcoming exploration/horror hybrid Kholat with Łukasz Kubiak, co-founder of development studio The Unreal 4 engine-powered game about the mysterious Dyatlov Pass Incident, narrated by Sean Bean, is looking gorgeous and will be out in just a couple of weeks. Continue reading “Kholat – developer interview”