Alien: Covenant review

Whenever a new movie in the Alien franchise is released, I always have the same hope: that it’ll come close to my favorite in the series, the 1986 sequel Aliens by James Cameron. When Alien: Covenant was announced, that hope came back – and although it’s not nearly as good as Aliens (or the original Alien), I ended up being pleasantly surprised. Continue reading “Alien: Covenant review”

Assault on Wall Street (Blu-Ray)

I always thought Schindler’s List was a depressing movie. That is until I saw Assault on Wall Street. Now that is a depressing movie!

The most depressing thing of all being what has become of my first celebrity crush, John Connor Edward Furlong, who plays a security guard for an armored truck company and the BFF of Assault’s main character, Jim (Dominic Purcell).  Continue reading “Assault on Wall Street (Blu-Ray)”

Sinister (Blu-ray)

I haven’t been sleeping well these last few nights. It could be the pregnancy hormones and the constant waves of nausea or the increased need to take nocturnal potty breaks thanks to the baby pushing on my bladder but I would just be lying to myself if I said that was the case. I know what it really is. It’s Mr. Boogie. Continue reading “Sinister (Blu-ray)”