Plants vs Zombies – Garden Warfare 2 review (PS4)

Plants vs Zombies is a modern classic in the tower defense genre, with its casual looks and unexpected tactical depth. Despite looking like (and being) a mobile game, it quickly found its way onto mainstream consoles as well and in 2014 we saw its first spin-off with Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, blending modern team-based shooters with elements from the original Plants vs Zombies game. With the release of its sequel, PopCap is now expanding on those foundations and has delivered a solid cross-over game experience. Continue reading “Plants vs Zombies – Garden Warfare 2 review (PS4)”

Mortal Kombat XL review (PS4)

Street Fighter V isn’t the only fighting game we’re getting this early on in the year – though it’s enjoyed a bit more fanfare. Coming hot on the heels of Capcom’s latest is Mortal Kombat XL, which isn’t strictly speaking a sequel but rather an ‘ultimate edition’ of last year’s well-received Mortal Kombat X. Continue reading “Mortal Kombat XL review (PS4)”

Superhot review (PC/Xbox One)

The first time we got to play SUPERHOT was back in the summer of 2014. While meeting with the people at Oculus, we got to try on the most recent version of the Rift and the first title we played was SUPERHOT. To this date, it’s one of the best virtual reality experiences we’ve had – and it’s all because of the game’s excellent and innovative mechanics. Continue reading “Superhot review (PC/Xbox One)”

Wondershot review (Xbox One)

The central premise of Wondershot is becoming a familiar one. It’s somewhat similar to the recent Knight Squad, and can also be compared to last year’s Discstorm – which was steam-exclusive but should still be coming to the Vita. In all these games, frantic combat takes place in a small arena with a top-down perspective – and (local) multiplayer is the best way to enjoy it. Continue reading “Wondershot review (Xbox One)”