Dying Light: The Following review (PS4)

Dying Light was last year’s first hit game for us and we awarded it with a well-deserved 9.0 score. Afterwards, the game got expanded with DLC, and a few months later it was announced that the upcoming DLC “The Following” was going to be included into a full re-release of the original game. It is still free for season pass holders, but now also available for sale as either an add-on or as part of the ‘enhanced edition’ of Dying Light. Continue reading “Dying Light: The Following review (PS4)”

XCOM 2 review (PC)

When the XCOM series returned with Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within, it was a triumphant return to the strategic roots of the series. We’ve since seen a spin-off in the shape of ‘the bureau’, a so-so third person shooter – but XCOM 2 returns the series to what it does best: highly strategical warfare with an alien race. We met with Firaxis over the summer and learned that their ambitions for the game were best met using a PC version, so console gamers will have to do without a new XCOM for the time being. Continue reading “XCOM 2 review (PC)”

Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO review (PS4)

If you go back about 15 years in time, the rally racing genre was all about the name Colin McRae and the games that Codemasters built around that name. Well-received and commercially successful, the game later spawned spin-offs like the Dirt games and still has the original developers working on new games in the genre. Today, however, there is more choice for the gamer – with the WRC franchise now firmly established and, now, the release of Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO. Having a choice, as it turns out, is a good thing. Continue reading “Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO review (PS4)”