Chernobyl VR Project review (PSVR)

Over the past year, we’ve seen a number of Playstation VR releases that don’t strictly fall into the realm of videogames. Blending the line between entertainment, experience and documentary, these releases find new ways of delivering content by using VR technology. One such example is The Chernobyl VR Project, which has been out (in early access) on Steam for a while and has now made it to Playstation VR. Continue reading “Chernobyl VR Project review (PSVR)”

Sometimes You Vita game reviews (Vita)

Even in 2017, we’re still seeing new names and games pop up on the Playstation Vita. One developer that’s relatively new on the Vita scene is Sometimes You, which specializes in affordable games for those looking to add something new to their Vita collection. At two or three euros/dollars each, they’re certainly a steal. Here are five examples to see if they’re worth your money – we’re looking at Energy Balance, Energy Cycle, It’s Spring Again, NeverEnd and Save the Ninja Clan. Continue reading “Sometimes You Vita game reviews (Vita)”