The Division review (PS4)

Fewer titles have been met with more anticipation than The Division, despite delays that pushed the game back to March of 2016 even though it was originally scheduled for some time in 2014. A lot of that anticipation was due to the excellent product presentations and demos we had seen during various gameshows, as well as the materials that were released by Ubisoft in between those events. Action on a grand scale within a living and breathing city, fueled by next gen graphics. It was very promising, but it did remind us a little of Watch_Dogs – which came out but underwhelmed gamers because its graphics had been downgraded since being shown in demo form. Even if you don’t read the rest of our review – rest assured, because The Division doesn’t disappoint. Continue reading “The Division review (PS4)”

Deathsmiles review

If the name of developer Cave rings a bell to you, odds are that you’re interested in shoot ’em games. Devoting themselves almost exclusively to the genre, it has become a household name for fans. Without a new Gradius or R-Type on the horizon, fans of horizontal shooters can enjoy a re-release of Deathsmiles, which just came out on Steam. Continue reading “Deathsmiles review”

Don’t Die, Mr. Robot review (PS4/Vita)

We missed the original release of Don’t Die, Mr. Robot on the Playstation Vita, but it’s recently been released on the PS4 – giving us a second chance in the process. If you had it on Vita then you already own the PS4 version, as the game is now a cross-buy title. For its debut on the PS4, the game has gotten a framerate upgrade, as well as a boost in the graphics department – now running at 60hz in Full HD. Continue reading “Don’t Die, Mr. Robot review (PS4/Vita)”