The Park review (Xbox One)

When we first read the press release announcing The Park’s upcoming release for PS4 and Xbox One, we were a bit surprised. We had seen it come out on the PC, but being a spin-off product of Funcom’s The Secret World, this seemed like a natural fit in terms of a release platform. The Secret World isn’t available on consoles, so let’s see how it fares as a ‘standalone’ release on consoles. Continue reading “The Park review (Xbox One)”

HTR+ Slot Car Simulation review (Vita)

I’m sure not everyone is familiar with the slot car phenomenon, at least not by that name. I myself grew up owning and loving them, even if the fun was often short-lived. The name “slot car” didn’t mean a thing to me though, I just wanted an electronic race track as a little boy. Continue reading “HTR+ Slot Car Simulation review (Vita)”