Deathsmiles review

If the name of developer Cave rings a bell to you, odds are that you’re interested in shoot ’em games. Devoting themselves almost exclusively to the genre, it has become a household name for fans. Without a new Gradius or R-Type on the horizon, fans of horizontal shooters can enjoy a re-release of Deathsmiles, which just came out on Steam. Continue reading “Deathsmiles review”

Don’t Die, Mr. Robot review (PS4/Vita)

We missed the original release of Don’t Die, Mr. Robot on the Playstation Vita, but it’s recently been released on the PS4 – giving us a second chance in the process. If you had it on Vita then you already own the PS4 version, as the game is now a cross-buy title. For its debut on the PS4, the game has gotten a framerate upgrade, as well as a boost in the graphics department – now running at 60hz in Full HD. Continue reading “Don’t Die, Mr. Robot review (PS4/Vita)”