Tachyon Project review (Vita)

It’s clear where Spanish developer Eclipse Games got their inspiration. Tachyon Project, which was recently released for Playstation Vita, is a twin-stick shooter that borrows heavily from games like Geometry Wars. What’s also clear is that the developers didn’t just copy what they liked – they tried adding their own twists and flavors to the game. Here’s our review. Continue reading “Tachyon Project review (Vita)”

Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony Of Exidus review (PS4)

Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony Of Exidus just came out for PS4 and WiiU and it continues the proud Aksys tradition of tackling long titles onto their games. Luckily, another tradition was also honored – the game is a creative take on the platform genre many refer to as “metrovania”. Here’s our review. Continue reading “Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony Of Exidus review (PS4)”

Atari Vault review (PC)

The Atari Vault is as retro an experience as you are likely to find this year. Its games – all developed by Atari for its 2600 and arcade systems – pretty much all predate the release of games of Super Mario Brother for the NES or Metal Gear for the MSX. In some cases, they’re older by a good 10 years. To put things into perspective, most gamers who played these games when they were young are likely to be almost 40 years old – or quite a bit older than that. Continue reading “Atari Vault review (PC)”

UnEpic review (PS4/Vita)

Some indie games have slowly spread across platforms over a number of years. Fez is an example, and Super Meat Boy is another. An indie title that has done just that while staying a little more below the radar is UnEpic by Spanish publisher A Crowd of Monsters. Originally released for PC almost five years ago, it has seen releases on the WiiU, Mac, Linux, Xbox One and now the PS4 and Vita. Time to take a look at this title, developed by a one man team! Continue reading “UnEpic review (PS4/Vita)”

Day of the Tentacle Remasted review (PS4/Vita)

It feels a little strange reviewing a game you’ve already played through several times before – almost 25 years ago. Yet, that’s what looking at Day of the Tentacle Remastered feels like. Here’s our review of the Vita version. Continue reading “Day of the Tentacle Remasted review (PS4/Vita)”