Mad Max Preview (X360/PS3)

Considering its cult status, post-apocalyptic setting and blend of action and cars, a proper Mad Max videogame is long overdue. Swedish studio Avalanche is now working on taking the Mad Max franchise and turning it into the open world experience that a game like this just had to have. So how is it shaping up? We witnessed an advance presentation during last month’s Gamescom and here’s what we saw. Continue reading “Mad Max Preview (X360/PS3)”

Gamescom casual and mobile previews

This year’s Gamescom had more than its fair share of mobile and casual games. With nearly all major publishers investing heavily in this growing platform, we decided to take a look at some of the titles that could be gracing an iPad or Android tablet near you in the next few months. What we found is that the casual gaming marketplace is a breeding ground for original gaming concepts, but has plenty of games that shows that its roots lie in more traditional experiences. Continue reading “Gamescom casual and mobile previews”

Diablo III Review (X360)

A PC/Mac exclusive for 15 years, the Diablo franchise has made the leap to consoles. Being released for PS3, X360 and (later) PS4, it’s interesting how the title fared in translation and what sacrifices and improvements were made. Does it feel like a Diablo title? It sure does, and for all the right reasons too. Continue reading “Diablo III Review (X360)”

Total War: Rome II Review (PC)

The Total War series has earned its place among the greats of the strategy genre, sitting in between the likes of the turn-based Civilization games and the real-time gameplay of Command and Conquer. This summer, Creative Assembly brings back its Rome version of the game with the release of Total War: Rome II. The original game is closing in on being 10 years old but is still the best-received game of the series. Considering Creative Assembly’s consistently strong track record, Rome II was one of this year’s most anticipated strategy offerings and we’re glad to say it does not disappoint. Continue reading “Total War: Rome II Review (PC)”

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Review (PC)

2K Games’ latest entry in the XCOM series was only announced recently, but had been in development a long time and was recently rebranded as “The Bureau” after many delays over the past years. Delays are frequently not a good sign for the quality of the final product (Duke Nukem Forever, anyone?), but just recently we saw True Crime: Hong Kong rebranded as Sleeping Dogs after a long development cycle and that game turned out great. Was 2K trying to cover up something here, or are we in for a similar treat with The Bureau? Continue reading “The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Review (PC)”