AOC g2460Pqu review

Perhaps not a household name in computer monitors like Samsung or Philips, AOC has steadily expanded its range of displays and has now stepped into the 144Hz arena. As a company quickly making strides forward in the monitor industry, what is AOC’s g2460Pqu bringing to the table for gamers looking to up their game?

Just like the Philips Brilliance 242G5DJEB that we reviewed earlier, this AOC monitor features 1ms response times, resolutions up to full HD and of course refresh rates up to 144Hz. As we explain in our Gaming Monitor 101 guide, this ensures silky smooth gaming on performance-oriented rigs that can output frame rates in excess of what the standard 75Hz monitors can display. Also similar to the Philips are the HDMI, Display, DVI and D-Sub (‘VGA’) connection ports to help you hook up your graphics source, although the Mobile HD port that the Philips offers is missing here. What we get in return, however, are built-in speakers, though of course this means you would be foregoing on the (virtual) surround sound you would otherwise be getting from a separate speaker or headset setup. It’s worth pointing out that you can enjoy sound from these speakers not just when using the HDMI connection – an audio cable for your sound card is provided if you’re using DVI instead.


The 24″ screen comes with a sturdy stand that allows for tilting, raising, lowering, turning and rotating the monitor to a portrait setup (a mode that is perfect for vertically oriented games like old time shoot ’em ups or pinball games). Also included is a 4-port USB hub you can use to connect peripherals or charge your mobile devices, and AOC supplies you with cables for a DVI or D-Sub connection (bring your own HDMI cable if that’s your mode of choice – but DVI is what you want for 144Hz modes). The only thing missing in terms of functionality is 3D support, as other monitors with a 120Hz refresh rates offer Nvidia 3D Vision compatibility. However, 3D gaming and high performance gaming are still two different ballgames, so the absense of 3D support is understandable as much as it is unfortunate.

Display settings are configured using an OSD interface which is intuitive and easy to use. AOC’s interface includes easy access to volume and display settings, and features a number of preset modes that help you set up your screen with ease. If the predefined presets aren’t to your liking, there are plenty of options to create custom settings as well. On top of the standard functionality you’d expect, the g2460Pqu also provides users with functions like Picture Boost and i-Care. With Picture Boost enabled, you can light up certain areas of the screen with extra brightness – something we didn’t find too many practical uses for. i-Care, on the other hand, automatically adjusts the monitor’s brightness settings to the amount of light in the surrounding area. For those of you gaming with natural light, this is a treat for the eyes as you don’t even notice the darkness setting in or extra light flooding the room – the AOC just adjusts itself gracefully.


Positioned near the upper end of AOC’s price list, this monitor performs like you would expect. Picture quality is excellent, though the monitor’s out-of-the-box settings did seem a little too ‘blue’ for our liking (something often done for new monitors to boost the contrast ratio). Tweaking this improved the image to look much more natural and vibrant – and this is definitely also a plus when using the monitor to watch movies while retaining excellent contrast values. Pairing the monitor with older gaming titles where we can push the frame rates well beyond 100 frames per second really make this monitor shine, as it displays a smoothness you just can’t find in regular monitors. Paired with the extra features that AOC has bundled with the monitor, this is another great option for the serious gamers out there – on par with Philips‘ recent offering. You won’t do it justice without a powerful PC to fuel it, but you’ll reap the benefits if you do.

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