The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners review (PSVR)

We reviewed The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners back at the start of the year, and now PlayStation VR users can finally get their hands on the game as well. We checked out the new version to see how it holds up on Sony’s platform. Continue reading “The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners review (PSVR)”

Mafia II Remastered review (PS4)

As part of the Mafia Trilogy that is coming out of the next few months, 2K has just released a remastered version of Mafia II. The updated version of the 2010 original launches alongside a ‘definitive edition’ of 2016’s Mafia III, with a remake of the original Mafia slated for August. This marks the first time you can play Mafia II on current consoles, so we tried it out on a PlayStation 4. Continue reading “Mafia II Remastered review (PS4)”

Super Mega Baseball 3 review (PS4)

Super Mega Baseball 3 sounds like a baseball sim straight from the Super Nintendo / Sega Mega Drive days, and in a way that rings true – it provides a fun and accessible alternative to MLB The Show and isn’t a system exclusive like Sony’s offering. We tested the PS4 version. Continue reading “Super Mega Baseball 3 review (PS4)”