Developer interview: Walkabout Mini Golf meets Myst

It’s always interesting when true classic of videogaming return in some form or another – and the recent announcement that Myst was going to be reimagined as part of the popular VR Mini Golf game Walkabout Mini Golf certainly fit that description. We got in touch with Lucas Martell (Executive Producer and creator of Walkabout Mini Golf) and Hannah Gamiel (Development Director at Myst developer and publisher Cyan, Inc.) to find out more. Continue reading “Developer interview: Walkabout Mini Golf meets Myst”

Developer interview: Skábma – Snowfall

Within the domain of indie games, one of the most interesting genres has games where gameplay is seamlessly interwoven with cultural relevance and history. Skábma – Snowfall is one such title, and is currently being developed by Red Stage Entertainment, who are getting it ready for a release later this month. Continue reading “Developer interview: Skábma – Snowfall”

Developer interview: Chernobylite

Every now and then, you see an announcement that makes you realize how closely related art and real life can be. Such a case was the announcement of the next gen console versions of Chernobylite, which are coming out next week on the 21st. To mark the occasion, we talked to Wojciech Pazdur, developer and creative director at The Farm 51. We discussed the development process for the game, what players can expect from the new versions and how the developers are dealing with what’s happening in and around Chernobyl right now. Continue reading “Developer interview: Chernobylite”

Interview: Tales From the Loop – The Board Game

We all know Free League for their excellent TTRPG titles such as Alien RPG, but they also regularly branch out to things like illustrated versions of classic tales like At the Mountains of Madness. They’re returning to the world of board games with an adaptation of Tales from the Loop, and we spoke to Martin Takashi, the project lead for the game, to find out more. Continue reading “Interview: Tales From the Loop – The Board Game”

Developer interview: The Gallery

If you enjoy live action video games like we do, then you’ll be excited to know that director Paul Raschid is about to return with The Gallery, a brand new blend of hostage thriller and social drama that takes place in 1981 and 2021 starring the likes of George Blagden (Versailles and Vikings); Anna Popplewell (The Chronicles of Narnia) and Rebecca Root (The Queen’s Gambit). It’s set for an April launch on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation, and will also see a release on OS and Android. We caught up with Paul, who previously directed Five Dates and the Complex, to find out more. Continue reading “Developer interview: The Gallery”