Developer interview: Gamedust / Yupitergrad

Those of you who regularly follow us know how much we enjoy the growth of VR as a medium for games. One of the pleasant VR surprises this past year was Yupitergrad by Gamedust, so when we got the chance to chat with Jakub Matuszczak, the COO of Gamedust and exchange some thoughts on the state and future of VR, we seized the opportunity. Here’s what we learned. Continue reading “Developer interview: Gamedust / Yupitergrad”

Developer interview: The Unliving

Over the past few years, Team17 has become one of the premier publishers of indie titles across all platforms. They’re about to launch RocketBrush’s The Unliving into Steam’s Early Access program, a rogue-lite game in which you control armies of the undead as a necromancer. We got in touch with the developer to find out more. Continue reading “Developer interview: The Unliving”

Interview: Alien RPG – Colonial Marines

Just recently, the Destroyer of Worlds expansion for Alien RPG racked up a bunch of awards at the annual Ennies for best tabletop games. Publisher Free League isn’t sitting still though, and have recently released another brand new expansion for the beloved RPG: Colonial Marines. We talked to Andrew E.C. Gaska, the author behind both the original games and its expansions. What follows is a must-read for fans of the Alien franchise and the tabletop adaptations. Continue reading “Interview: Alien RPG – Colonial Marines”

Developer interview: Arcade Paradise

Even though most trade shows have been of the digital variety this year, that hasn’t stopped us from coming across our fair share of interesting upcoming games. One of them is Arcade Paradise, which is all about classic arcades but puts a management spin on it, letting you transfer an old laundromat into a vibrant videogame arcade. And yes – the games you put in are playable as well! We checked in with developer Nosebleed Interactive and talked to managing director Andreas Firnigl about their nostalgia-rich project. Continue reading “Developer interview: Arcade Paradise”