Empire of Sin preview/interview

Empire of Sin, developed by Romero Games and published by Paradox, might not be coming out until we’re well into 2020, but we recently had the opportunity for a lengthy hands on session with the game as well as the chance to interview Brenda Romero about the game and our impressions. Continue reading “Empire of Sin preview/interview”

Ticket to Ride now on Playlink – impressions and interview (PS4)

Asmodee Digital just launched a Playlink version of their critically acclaimed and hugely successful board game Ticket to Ride. We played it, and also got in touch with the development team behind it to find out more. Continue reading “Ticket to Ride now on Playlink – impressions and interview (PS4)”

Wargaming gears up towards World of Warships Legends (Gamescom)

It was late in June when Wargaming announced their plans to bring their PC-based naval MMO World of Warships to consoles. Two months later, we sat down with Daniil Volkov (Development Director for the game) and Victor Kislyi (Wargaming’s CEO), to talk about the game in more detail. Here’s our report of that talk, where we saw the console version in action and also briefly addressed a few of Wargaming’s other IPs – including Master of Orion and Total Annihilation. Continue reading “Wargaming gears up towards World of Warships Legends (Gamescom)”

Overload review/interview (PC)

After a good run in early access, Overload was just released on Steam by the team at Revival Productions – which consists of many Descent alumni. We did a full preview not too long ago, so we’re doing something a little different this time – a mini review with a short developer interview attached. For the latter, we talked to Matt Toschlog, one of co-founders at Revival. Continue reading “Overload review/interview (PC)”