Developer interview: Deliver Us Mars

Developer KeokeN Interactive just launched Deliver Us Mars together with Frontier Foundry, which we reviewed on the PlayStation 5. We also got in touch with Koen Deetman, Game Director for Deliver Us Mars at KeokeN. We looked back at the development of the game, and how the team have experienced the launch window. Continue reading “Developer interview: Deliver Us Mars”

Developer interview: SCARS: The Game of Imperfections

We always get intrigued when games start to cross traditional boundaries. Sometimes that leads to a hybrid of genres in a videogame, and at other times it’s an instance of an IP jumping across to a different format. We recently learned about SCARS, a card-based game that’s quite unlike other card games in that it serves mostly as a conversation starter. All the cards include questions that let players discuss things that are personal to them – many of them body-centered, like the story behind a scar you have.

We’ve already played a few rounds, and it’s a game that’s great at bringing out little-known facts even from those closest and dearest to you – ultimately letting friends grow closer and reach a better understanding of one another. It’s not going to be a typical game night, but playing SCARS can become both a meaningful and memorable experience. We talked to Erin Montgomery, one of the creators of the game at Bonfire Social, to find out more. The game is currently on Kickstarter and with almost a month to go it’s already fully funded! Read on to find out more. Continue reading “Developer interview: SCARS: The Game of Imperfections”

Developer interview: Broken Roads

During Gamescom in August, one of the signs that the industry was opening back up a little was running into a development team that flew in all the way from Australia. The team at Drop Bear Bytes is working with publisher Versus Evil on Broken Roads, which is a narrative-driven RPG that takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of Australia and includes exploration, strategic turn-based combat and an interesting morality system that promises to offer players ‘meaningful philosophical choices’. As we’re looking forward to some of the most interesting titles of 2023, we checked in with the team to find out more, and spoke to Game Director Craig Ritchie and Narrative Director Leanne Taylor-Giles. Continue reading “Developer interview: Broken Roads”

Developer interview: Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop

Over the past few years we’ve gotten to know Kasedo Games as an indie publisher that carefully selects their projects and releases two of them each year. Whenever something new gets announced, that makes us curious to see what they’ve spotted this time. They announced Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop a while ago as their newest addition, so we got in touch with development studio Beard Envy to find out more about this ‘roguelite spaceship repair simulator’. Continue reading “Developer interview: Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop”

Interview: Ken & Roberta Williams on adapting Colossal Cave for VR

We’re doing a big four-part interview with Ken & Roberta Williams this week to mark the launch of their reimagining of Colossal Cave, talking about their Sierra days, the historic significance of the original game, their return to game design and how they adapted the game for VR. In this part, we’re talking about their use of VR in the game, but you can easily skip back using the links below. Continue reading “Interview: Ken & Roberta Williams on adapting Colossal Cave for VR”