Loop8: Summer of Gods review (PS4)

Loop8: Summer of Gods, developed and published by Marvelous, presents an intriguing premise set in 1980s rural Japan. This coming-of-age RPG follows the story of Nini, a newly arrived teenager in the quaint town of Ashihara. As players explore the town, befriend its residents, and engage in turn-based battles against the mysterious Kegai, their choices and relationships shape the outcome. With the ability to reset time, Loop8 offers a unique gameplay experience that promises multiple endings and a chance to alter destiny – here’s our look at the PlayStation version of the game. Continue reading “Loop8: Summer of Gods review (PS4)”

Protodroid DeLTA review (PS4)

Protodroid DeLTA, developed by Adam Kareem and published by Humble Games, takes players on a fast-paced adventure in a solarpunk world. In this review, we will explore the game’s premise, gameplay mechanics, controls, visuals, and audio, highlighting its positive aspects while acknowledging its flaws. Inspired by classic 3D platformers like Mega Man X, Protodroid DeLTA aims to captivate players with its action-packed platforming and colorful cast of characters, and we checked out the PlayStation version. Continue reading “Protodroid DeLTA review (PS4)”

Company of Heroes 3 – Console Edition review (PS5)

Company of Heroes 3, developed by Relic Entertainment and published by SEGA, has made its way to the PlayStation 5, marking the first console release of this renowned World War II real-time strategy series. With adapted controls for consoles, the game aims to deliver a seamless experience of commanding armies and achieving victory in war or PvP battles. Continue reading “Company of Heroes 3 – Console Edition review (PS5)”

Miasma Chronicles review (PS5)

We first saw Miasma Chronicles through a great teaser trailer, then went hands on with the game when we met with the developers during last year’s trade show season. As fans of The Bearded Ladies’ previous game Mutant Year Zero, we were eager to see how it’d turn out. Here’s our review of the PlayStation 5 version of the game. Continue reading “Miasma Chronicles review (PS5)”