Developer interview: One Hand Clapping

One of the most interesting concepts coming out of the indie scene this year is One Hand Clapping. Developed by Bad Dream Games and published by HandyGames for all major platforms (including mobile), it’s due out later this year and features voice-operated mechanics to help you pass its puzzle platforming levels. We got in touch with creative director Thomas Wilson to find out more. Continue reading “Developer interview: One Hand Clapping”

The Amazing American Circus review (PS4)

Klabater’s The Amazing American Circus, which was developed by Juggler Games, offers a fresh new take on the card battler genre. Surprisingly enough, it doesn’t actually focus on battling – go figure. Because it also has an interesting premise, we decided to check it out – it’s available on all major systems and our test was done on a PlayStation 4. Continue reading “The Amazing American Circus review (PS4)”

Port roundup: Subdivision Infinity DX, Omen of Sorrow & RiMS Racing

With the PS5 version of Subdivision Infinity DX, the Xbox One edition of Omen of Sorrow and RiMS Racing for the Nintendo Switch, we’re looking at three recent ports to see if these are games you should be picking up – read on to find out more. Continue reading “Port roundup: Subdivision Infinity DX, Omen of Sorrow & RiMS Racing”

Developer interview: Deflection

Deflection recently launched on Steam and is an expanded digital take on the famous board game Khet, which was also popularized as ‘laser chess’, with several home computer versions in the 80s and 90s. We talked to Philippe Teichmann, the developer behind Coreffect Interactive’s Deflection. Continue reading “Developer interview: Deflection”