Release roundup: Movers in Paradise, Blastful & Bang-on Balls

Checking out three smaller releases that may have flown under the radar for you, we’re taking a look at new DLC for Moving Out, the arcade-inspired shooter Blastful and the colorful platformer Bang-on Balls: Chronicles. Continue reading “Release roundup: Movers in Paradise, Blastful & Bang-on Balls”

Curse of the Dead Gods review (PS4)

Focus Home Interactive’s new release Curse of the Dead Gods, which was developed by Passtech Games, has been released for consoles and PCs, after first being in Steam’s early access program for a while. During that phase there was already a lot of buzz about this one, so we were eager to try it out – we did so on a PlayStation 4 Pro. Continue reading “Curse of the Dead Gods review (PS4)”

Adventure Game roundup: Mutropolis, The Uncertain & Code Realize

The adventure game genre is certainly one of the most enduring niches in gaming today, and we’re looking at two recent examples: Mutropolis and The Uncertain – Light at the End, both of which are out on Steam right now. We’re also including a visual novel release, because Code: Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~ just made the jump to the Nintendo Switch! Continue reading “Adventure Game roundup: Mutropolis, The Uncertain & Code Realize”

Neptunia Virtual Stars review (PS4)

The Neptunia franchise is back with a brand new entry! Neptunia Virtual Stars comes out soon for the PlayStation 4 and a few weeks later for PC players on Steam. It’s fully backwards compatible on the PlayStation 5 as well, which is the platform we tested on. Continue reading “Neptunia Virtual Stars review (PS4)”

Port roundup: Pumpkin Jack, Yupitergrad & Overcooked

Pumpkin Jack, Yupitergrad and the Overcooked! All You Can Eat bundle are all heading to new/different platforms this week or in the near future – time to take a look at three of the excellent ports that are coming out. Continue reading “Port roundup: Pumpkin Jack, Yupitergrad & Overcooked”