The Best Poker Video Games and How to Enjoy Them More

The landscape of poker video games is a complicated one. It’s a genre littered with less-than-exciting apps, defunct online platforms, and even now some fairly lazy forays into virtual reality. Do some surface-level exploration of poker video games and you’re likely to get frustrated by the plethora of total options and the relative lack of good options at the same time. And even if you do find a game worth experimenting with, you’ll then remember that poker is challenging, and that it takes more than a few minutes to get the hang of it (at least if you haven’t played in a while). Continue reading “The Best Poker Video Games and How to Enjoy Them More”

A Farewell to the PlayStation Vita

That’s all, folks. Last week, the final batch of digital releases rolled out for the PlayStation Vita, ending a run of almost ten years since the launch of the original version of the handheld. This week, we’re checking out that final wave of new games while also looking at the development side of things, but we wanted to kick it all off with our own thoughts. Continue reading “A Farewell to the PlayStation Vita”

Exploring What Makes eSports Special

Sport has long been regarded as a positive pursuit for a reason. It encourages team skills, cooperation, sportsmanship, and generally raises people’s moods by being fun to play. Sports is also, however, rife with complexities that can mitigate its potential in many areas, and for many people. Continue reading “Exploring What Makes eSports Special”

Developer interview: Symbaroum Starter Set – Treasure Hunts in Davokar

Free League recently released a brand new starter set for Symbaroum, entitled Treasure Hunts in Davokar. It’s been our introduction into the rich world of Symbaroum, and after our first few gameplay sessions we can’t wait to dive deeper into the world through the many additional campaign books already available for this award-winning game. It also prompted us to reach out to Mattias Johnsson Haake, one of the co-creators of the game, who also helped found Järnringen. In additional, Mattias has a PhD in Behavioral Science and has already written five novels to date in addition to his work on numerous RPG adventures and sourcebooks. Here is the result of our conversation, in which we delve deeper into the creative process of crafting something like Symbaroum, and look at Table Top Role Playing Games (TTRPGs) in a wider context as well. Continue reading “Developer interview: Symbaroum Starter Set – Treasure Hunts in Davokar”

Games we played over the holidays

With lockdown situations in effect in many places and limitations on how many guests you could have over (if any) during Christmas, many of us took to videogames over the holiday break. We did too and thought we’d share some of the games the team’s been playing these past few weeks. Continue reading “Games we played over the holidays”