Blood Bowl (2016) review (board game)

So what do a bunch of game reviewers do when they get together and hang out without the aid of a pc or console? They play board games – and recently we’ve been having a lot of fun playing the latest board game version of Blood Bowl by Games Workshop. Continue reading “Blood Bowl (2016) review (board game)”

Playstation VR – The Verdict

After over a month of playing around with VR titles on the PS4, it’s time to make up our minds about how we feel about Sony’s Playstation VR. We’ll do that in a three part feature, the first of which will focus on the hardware itself. If you’re more interested in the games, please read our other two parts: VR games under 20 dollars/euros and VR games over 20 dollars/euros. Continue reading “Playstation VR – The Verdict”

3D Realms Anthology review (PC)

The 3D Realms anthology is a wonderful look back at the early 90s PC gaming era with tons of original productions that were never released on other platforms. A nostalgic trip at where some of today’s franchises came from as well as a chance to scoop up some games that wouldn’t look out of place as a present day indie title. Continue reading “3D Realms Anthology review (PC)”