Xploder Cheat System review (PS4)

Remember the Game Genie from back in the (S)NES and Genesis/Mega Drive days? Or perhaps the Action Replay or Game Shark? There’s a brand new way to cheat in many of your PS4 games thanks to the Xploder software package, from the people behind Action Replay and Game Shark. It’s now available for all regions and we took the software for a spin. Continue reading “Xploder Cheat System review (PS4)”

Chernobyl VR Project review (PSVR)

Over the past year, we’ve seen a number of Playstation VR releases that don’t strictly fall into the realm of videogames. Blending the line between entertainment, experience and documentary, these releases find new ways of delivering content by using VR technology. One such example is The Chernobyl VR Project, which has been out (in early access) on Steam for a while and has now made it to Playstation VR. Continue reading “Chernobyl VR Project review (PSVR)”