Star Wars Battlefront II single player review (PC)

Leading up to the release of Star Wars: Battlefront II, the most exciting bit of news for me was that the game was going to have an actual single player campaign – something I missed dearly the first time around. This week, I finally got to play it, and I did so on PC through the Origin platform. This review, therefore, focuses on the single player aspects of Battlefront II. Continue reading “Star Wars Battlefront II single player review (PC)”

Xploder Cheat System review (PS4)

Remember the Game Genie from back in the (S)NES and Genesis/Mega Drive days? Or perhaps the Action Replay or Game Shark? There’s a brand new way to cheat in many of your PS4 games thanks to the Xploder software package, from the people behind Action Replay and Game Shark. It’s now available for all regions and we took the software for a spin. Continue reading “Xploder Cheat System review (PS4)”