Ravenbound review (PC)

Ravenbound is a roguelike game set in an open world inspired by Scandinavian folklore. The game has been developed by Systemic Reaction, a team belonging to the Avalanche Studios Group and who previously gave us titles like Generation Zero and Second Extinction. Ravenbound attempts to create something unique by mixing different genres, but a few issues hold it back despite a strong first impression. It’s exclusive to PC, where we tested it on Steam. Continue reading “Ravenbound review (PC)”

Release roundup: The Crown of Wu, Sifu Arenas & Citizen Sleeper

From an alternate take on the story of the Monkey King to two excellent free addons for some awesome games, today’s roundup features the likes of The Crown of Wu and new content for Sifu and Citizen Sleeper – the latter of which is now also available on PlayStation. Continue reading “Release roundup: The Crown of Wu, Sifu Arenas & Citizen Sleeper”

Resident Evil 4 review (PS5)

Resident Evil 4 is one of the most iconic and influential games in the survival horror genre, and the 2023 remake does a fantastic job of bringing the classic to modern hardware. Available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC, Capcom has done an excellent job of updating the game’s graphics, mechanics and pacing, while still retaining the elements that made the original such a beloved classic – no small feat because the original game was the first in the series to step away from the old fixed camera approach and therefore already felt more “modern” than the previous games Capcom remade. Continue reading “Resident Evil 4 review (PS5)”

Mayhem in Single Valley review (PS5)

Mayhem in Single Valley is a delightful action-adventure game developed by Fluxscopic and published by tinyBuild. The game has a unique blend of humor, puzzle-solving, and action, making it an engaging and memorable experience. The game is available on PlayStation 5 as well as most other major platforms now that that 2021 PC original has been ported over to consoles, and we enjoyed our time with it – here’s our review. Continue reading “Mayhem in Single Valley review (PS5)”

MLB The Show 23 review (PS5/XSX)

MLB The Show 23 is the latest entry in the long-running baseball simulation franchise, and the 2023 remake on the PlayStation 5 brings a host of improvements and updates to the series – which is no longer a PlayStation exclusive now that it’s available for Xbox and the Nintendo Switch as well. The game’s updated graphics, mechanics, and presentation all help to create an immersive and authentic baseball experience, but does it differ enough from previous versions? Here’s our look at the game, which we played on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Continue reading “MLB The Show 23 review (PS5/XSX)”