The We Were Here Trilogy is out now on PlayStation

Since the initial launch in 2017, the We Were Here games by Total Mayhem Games have been very well received on Steam. It’s a trio of online co-op experiences that relies strongly on voice chat, and now all three have been ported to the PlayStation 4 platform, while being compatible with the PS5 as well. Time for a closer look at We Were Here, We Were Here Too and We Were Here Together. Continue reading “The We Were Here Trilogy is out now on PlayStation”

Blizzard Arcade Collection review (PS4)

Launched as part of their 30th anniversary celebrations, the Blizzard Arcade Collection combined three classics from Blizzard’s early days, well before Diablo was a thing and online multiplayer was a thing of the future. The Lost Vikings, Rock ‘n Roll Racing and Blackthorne are all classics in their own right though, and this is the first time they’re available on modern consoles. Continue reading “Blizzard Arcade Collection review (PS4)”

Release roundup: Movers in Paradise, Blastful & Bang-on Balls

Checking out three smaller releases that may have flown under the radar for you, we’re taking a look at new DLC for Moving Out, the arcade-inspired shooter Blastful and the colorful platformer Bang-on Balls: Chronicles. Continue reading “Release roundup: Movers in Paradise, Blastful & Bang-on Balls”