Developer interview: EscapeWelt

During the pandemic, we’ve seen a lot of examples of the escape room industry moving towards some very creative takes on the formula to account for the new times we live in. One of the success stories in this area has been Leipzig-based EscapeWelt, who have enjoyed a lot of success with escape rooms they’ve shrunken down to a portable size that you can play from the comfort of your own home. They’re about to release Force of Elements, so we decided to talk with CEO Egor Volvitch to learn more about the company and what to expect. Here’s our interview. Continue reading “Developer interview: EscapeWelt”

Wayward Strand review (PS4)

Every now and then, we run into a game that just oozes so much charm that we can’t help but want to play it. Wayward Strand is one such game, so when Ghost Pattern’s story-driven adventure launched on all systems we jumped on the opportunity to review it. We played it on a PlayStation 4, but the game is out for all major systems. Continue reading “Wayward Strand review (PS4)”

Port roundup: Sam & Max Season 1 & 2, Watcher Chronicles & Casual Challenge Players’ Club

Even though we’re surrounded by brand new releases and sequels, we love highlighting the games that are being reintroduced to us by way of new platforms. Today, that includes two seasons of Sam & Max’ episodic adventures, Watcher Chronicles and Casual Challenge Players’ Club. Continue reading “Port roundup: Sam & Max Season 1 & 2, Watcher Chronicles & Casual Challenge Players’ Club”

Let’s Sing presents ABBA review (PS5)

It’s a good time for fans of karaoke games – in addition to an annual release in the Let’s Sing franchise we’re also getting a special version that centers entirely around Sweden’s most famous band ever: ABBA. Out now for all major systems, we checked it out on a PlayStation 5. Continue reading “Let’s Sing presents ABBA review (PS5)”