“World of Tanks is a Single Player Game” (editorial)

I’ve always enjoyed tank games, but I never got into World of Tanks until a few months ago. And that’s coming from someone whose experience with tank games goes back to Combat and Battlezone on the Atari 2600 – the latter of which I thought was the pinnacle of videogame graphics back in the day. Yet…. I never once tried today’s biggest tank game, World of Tanks – here’s what changed that. Continue reading ““World of Tanks is a Single Player Game” (editorial)”

TETRA’s Escape review (Vita)

Perhaps this year’s biggest publisher when it comes to the number of games released for the Playstation Vita, Ratalaika just launched TETRA’s Escape for the system. It’s a cross-buy, meaning you also get the PS4 version when you buy it. Don’t own a Playstation? You can get the game for Nintendo’s Switch or through Steam as well. This review, however, is solely based on the Vita version. It also happens to be Ratalaika’s best Vita release so far. Continue reading “TETRA’s Escape review (Vita)”