Isonzo review (PS5)

With games like Verdun and Tannenburg, developer/publisher M2H has been carving out a nice niche within the first person shooter genre for itself. Now, together with BlackMill Games, they’re adding a new title to their lineup. Isonzo takes the World War I setting to the Italian front, and we played the PlayStation 5 version for this review. Continue reading “Isonzo review (PS5)”

Port roundup: Unexplored 2, The Dark Prophecy, Blood Waves & Maggie the Magnet

There seems to be a major new release almost every day during these weeks, but we also like to look at titles that were released earlier but are now finding their way to new platforms. Here are four that recently made the jump to (new) consoles: Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy, The Dark Prophecy, Blood Waves and Maggie the Magnet are all featured. Continue reading “Port roundup: Unexplored 2, The Dark Prophecy, Blood Waves & Maggie the Magnet”

Sunday Gold review (PC)

Sunday Gold, from developer BKOM Studios, is an interesting blend of classic point and click adventure gaming and turn-based RPG mechanics, two genres that are traditionally strong on the PC platform. It’s a PC exclusive release published by Team17 that comes out on October 13 – here are our thoughts. Continue reading “Sunday Gold review (PC)”