Playstation VR – The Verdict

After over a month of playing around with VR titles on the PS4, it’s time to make up our minds about how we feel about Sony’s Playstation VR. We’ll do that in a three part feature, the first of which will focus on the hardware itself. If you’re more interested in the games, please read our other two parts: VR games under 20 dollars/euros and VR games over 20 dollars/euros. Continue reading “Playstation VR – The Verdict”

Virtual Air Guitar interview – motion control and virtual reality

Amidst all the talk about Virtual Reality headsets, Virtual Reality controllers and (upcoming) Virtual Reality games, we’re forgetting that there is an overall trend that we’ve seen pop up for about ten years now. That trend is, of course, the changes we’re seeing in the way we’re interacting with games. Virtual Reality is, for now at least, quite a complex and expensive way to change your game experience, and we’ll see how the general public takes to it. Meanwhile, we talked to Virtual Air Guitar’s Aki Kanerva about a trend that is much more mainstream already: motion gaming. Continue reading “Virtual Air Guitar interview – motion control and virtual reality”

Roccat Kiro review

The market for gaming mice exploded a couple of years ago, with companies like Razer, Logitech, Steelseries and Roccat all releasing mice that were focused on the serious pc gamer. DPI values kept getting pushed higher and higher – pretty much to the point where the vast majority of games didn’t even experience any difference anymore. Another popular addition was the inclusion of programmable buttons and macros, allowing even the most complex control schemes to be mapped onto a single mouse (albeit with a ton of buttons). Continue reading “Roccat Kiro review”