Mobile Gaming on a Budget – Six Things To Look For

In recent years we’ve seen an increasing number of high profile mobile titles pop up, so it’s easy to see that mobile gaming has come a long way since the days of Angry Birds and an endless stream of Match-3 games. It is a viable alternative to console and PC gaming though, or does the average phone struggle to keep up? Sure, your $1000/€1000 phone can probably run the latest games without problems, but for that budget you can also pick up a brand new Xbox console AND a PlayStation 5.

We’re taking a look at mobile gaming from a budget-conscious point of view today, highlighting a few key elements to keep an eye out for if you’re looking for an option to play some of the more ambitious mobile games on the market. As a benchmark, we’re keeping a price point in mind where you pay less than you would for the latest Nintendo Switch model, the cheapest of the three major consoles at the moment. So what to look out for when you want the most gaming bang for your buck? Here’s our breakdown. Continue reading “Mobile Gaming on a Budget – Six Things To Look For”

Thrustmaster’s T. Flight Full Kit X meets Top Gun: Maverick

As an outlet that covers both video games and movies, few things are as exciting as crossovers between the two. The release of Top Gun: Maverick in cinemas marks such an occasion, as a free expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator just came out that makes the base game a far more thrilling experience. To make things even more exciting, we took to the skies to channel our inner Pete Mitchell with a Thrustmaster T. Flight Full Kit X set, which is an affordable but quality option for those looking to take their flight sims to the next level. It’s also compatible with PCs as well as Xbox consoles, both of the platforms that can actually run Flight Simulator. Time for a closer look. Continue reading “Thrustmaster’s T. Flight Full Kit X meets Top Gun: Maverick”

Creative SXFI Theater review

Creative’s SXFI technology made a big splash at the 2019 and 2020 editions of the CES in Las Vegas, picking up a large number of awards for audio quality and innovation. Its use of “headphone holography” has since been implemented in a number of different products, and as an outlet that focuses on both gaming and movies it’s the SXFI Theater that really managed to draw us in. Here’s what makes this headset unique, why we like it, and what we didn’t like about it. Continue reading “Creative SXFI Theater review”