My Arcade Pixel Player review (retro)

We take a look at the My Arcade Pixel Player, which after a previous release in the US is now also available for UK and EU-based consumers (see, we’re pretending Brexit happened smoothly here). We take a look at what could be a great father’s day gift for videogame-minded dads. Continue reading “My Arcade Pixel Player review (retro)”

Venom Arcade (Fight) Stick review (multi)

Through re-releases of classics as well as through brand new (indie) titles, there are plenty of arcade-inspired titles to play out there these days. The problem is that, if you’re a fan of that classic kind of experience, these games are spread across a multitude of systems. The Venom Arcade Stick doesn’t just fix that problem, it also gives you access to genuine arcade-style controls as an alternative to the modern day gamepad. Continue reading “Venom Arcade (Fight) Stick review (multi)”

Cyrus Soundkey Gamer’s Edition review

As we looked at what appeared on our radar for possible holiday gift options this year, the Cyrus Soundkey stood out. Originally marketed as a hi-fi solution for mobile devices, it’s also available in a “gamer’s edition”. We took a closer look at a tiny package with some big sound as we explored Cyrus’ DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) and amplifier in a PC setting. Continue reading “Cyrus Soundkey Gamer’s Edition review”