Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate review (PC)

The Pixeljunk series of the games has, for the most part, always been available on PCs – but not Pixeljunk Shooter. The shooter/puzzle game hybrid has been a hit on Playstation platforms for years and even spawned a sequel (and a ‘bundle’ edition), but it took over four years for the original game to appear on PC and we had to wait until now for the sequel to arrive. The ‘ultimate’ edition bundles both of the original PS3 games and was previously available only for Vita and PS4.

In Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate, you get to navigate through 150 levels and you can play in either solo or coop mode. The gameplay basics involve – as the title would suggest – a fair amount of shooting, but really emphasizes the puzzle elements more than anything. Your goal is never just to shoot everything that moves, as your main objective is to rescue as many of your crew members as possible. They’re scattered around the various levels, and physics-based puzzles often stand in your way.


To get through the blockades standing in your way, you need to combine various elements in order to counterbalance their effect. That may sound complicated, but it often boils down to extinguishing lava by using water or melting ice by utilizing the power of that same lava. It’s a fairly simple concept (as is common in most Pixeljunk games), but executed wonderfully well with excellent level design throughout.

So how does it translate to PC? Very well, we might say. This is a series that rose to fame on the PS3, and the now-released PC version delivers a serious upgrade to the package – which include both original games. This isn’t the first time that’s been done though, since the PS4 version of the game offers the same experience that the PC version now does. You’ll benefit from the same graphical upgrade and the same addition of extra content that that version did. Controller support is present as well of course, and it’s really the only way you should play this game. All of these aspects make this a great game to own, especially if you never got the original Pixeljunk Shooter release on PC.

Score: 8.6/10

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