Venom PS5 USB Hub review

Gaming accessory specialist Venom has just released what is possibly our favorite PS5 accessory yet – a USB hub that greatly enhances your connectivity options. Time for a quick look.

With all that the PlayStation 5 brings in terms of raw power, one thing that’s been a bit annoying is the fact that the front panel of the console only has a single regular USB port and a single USB-C port. Without custom cables, you can’t have two DualSense controllers charging at once, and if you want to connect a pair of karaoke microphones you have to resort to the ports on the back of the console.

Sure, situations that don’t apply to everyone, but Venom’s new USB hubs plugs into the two front points and turns them into four regular USB(-A) ports and two USB-C ports, which is perfect for scenarios we can currently think of. We’ve even been charging phones and tablets with it, and haven’t run into a single situation where we needed to resort to the ports on the back.

For its budget price (12.99 when ordering from the UK), this is an awesome little tool that greatly enhances what you can conveniently use your PS5 for, and it’s something that a lot of players will find practical. It does stick out of your PS5 a bit though, so design-wise your console will look a bit less sleek – a small price to pay, we feel.

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