Hitman HD Trilogy Review (X360)

The Hitman Trilogy was released back and well-received in 2007 for PC and PS2, but only now found its way onto the X360 and PS3 platforms. This time sporting the ‘HD’ monicker, the trilogy brings together Blood Money, Silent Assassin and Contracts but doesn’t include the original Codename 47 that only came out on PC. What’s unique about this package is that Silent Assassins and Contracts are now available in remastered editions for the first time ever. Is the 2013 edition of the trilogy, which also comes with a download code for the Hitman Sniper Challenge, still worth it?

Aside from higher resolutions and widescreen visuals (the HD part of the experience), the earlier two games in the series now also have achievements available for unlocking and benefit from the extra horsepower with steady frame rates throughout. The control scheme has also been changed with minor interface tweaks to accommodate X360 users, but the actual gameplay experience has not changed much.
Silent Assassin in HDFollowing the release of Hitman Absolution which came out in December, the oldest title (Silent Assassin) makes our favorite videogame assassin feel and move awkwardly and even clumsy at times, a good example of how gameplay mechanics have evolved in the past 10 years. Still, the core gameplay elements hold up well even after all these years, and all it takes is for the gamer to take a few steps back after spending time with the latest Hitman title. My advice would be to start with the oldest title and go through them chronologically, dealing with that shock effect only once. The kills in each mission are every bit as satisfying as they were back then, so it’s worth it to go through the adjustment process.

Is the trilogy worth buying? That depends on your perspective. If you still own the original games, the actual HD content is somewhat limited, because higher resolutions don’t magically turn a 2002 game into a current-gen game. If you didn’t get into the Hitman franchise until Absolution or Blood Money, then this look back is the best way so far to experience some classic gaming moments. In terms of value for money, this is the best Hitman experience (blood?) money can buy. The experience may not be flawless by today’s standards, but if you’re willing to look beyond that then there’s plenty of gameplay here to enjoy.

Score: 7.0

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