In Space We Brawl review (PS3)

In Space We Brawl appears like an instant appeal type of game but ends up being somewhat of a niche product aimed at those who love old school local multiplayer games.

Developed by indie developer Forge Reply and released for PS3 as well as PS4, In Space We Brawl is a twin stick shooter that looks and plays a little bit like Asteroids. The action takes place in a borderless arena, where flying off to the right makes you appear back on the left side of the screen. This can make for last minute escapes, but can also throw you right in the heart of danger if you’re not careful.

Heading into battle, you choose a combination of a spaceship and a weapon from a selection of 11 different ships and weapons, making for a ton of different play styles. A good way to start out is to tackle the game’s challenge mode, which is really the only single player content there is and acts mainly as a way to familiarize yourself with the game’s controls and mechanics.

In Space We Brawl

The real heart of the game, however, is in its multiplayer action. Clearly harking back to the old days where hours and hours were spent on a couch with a bunch of friends, this is a game that gets better the more players join in. In that sense, it brought back memories of the original Bomberman as well. As the action gets more hectic, grabbing that power-up might make or break the round for you. You might get it in time to take out that last ship, but you might also get blown out of the sky trying to go towards it. It’s these moments where the game is at its best.

The problem with In Space We Brawl, however, is that those moments won’t present themselves to everyone. Without an online multiplayer mode, this is a game that relies on having at least two other players in the room with you. Without that, things never get quite as exciting, because there are no computer-controlled characters during the multiplayer bouts. This makes for a game that’s quite particular about how it should be played in order to be enjoyed, which is a shame and makes this an experience that’s certainly not for everyone. If you regularly get together to play hours of Bomberman with friends though, then be sure to check this one out.

Score: 6.5/10

In Space We Brawl

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