Release roundup: Everspace 2, Teratopia, Synth Riders & Golden Force

From an epic sci-fi looter-shooter to a new 3D indie action adventure and from new content for VR favorite Synth Riders to a retro-flavored run and gun platformer, we’re seeing a lot of new releases again. Join us as we check out Everspace 2, Teratopia, Golden Force and the Synthwave Essentials 2 DLC pack. Continue reading “Release roundup: Everspace 2, Teratopia, Synth Riders & Golden Force”

Games we played over the holidays

With lockdown situations in effect in many places and limitations on how many guests you could have over (if any) during Christmas, many of us took to videogames over the holiday break. We did too and thought we’d share some of the games the team’s been playing these past few weeks. Continue reading “Games we played over the holidays”

Iris.Fall review (PS4)

In the last few weeks of 2020, we saw quite a few conversions of indie titles that were former PC exclusives. It’s only fitting that we kick of 2021 with another excellent example: Iris.Fall from NExT Studios, which is now available for all of the current Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo consoles – our test was on a PlayStation 4. Continue reading “Iris.Fall review (PS4)”