Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut review (PS4)

Before I started playing Slayaway Camp, I had only seen a few screenshots of the game and knew it was heavily inspired by a bunch of classic horror/slasher franchises. I had no idea what it played like, and was surprised to find out it’s actually a puzzle title. Developed by Blue Wizard Digital, whose team members previously worked on popular games like Peggle and Bejeweled, it’s no surprise that Slayaway Camp is also available for mobile devices. The PS4 version is the game’s console debut, and its gameplay made me wish there was a Vita version as well. Continue reading “Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut review (PS4)”

Sociable Soccer preview (PC)

After the releases of AAA powerhouses FIFA 18 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, an alternative by one of the minds behind the classic Sensible Soccer franchise popped up on Steam earlier this month. Sociable Soccer is now in Early Access and we spent a couple of hours playing the latest version. Continue reading “Sociable Soccer preview (PC)”