Nom Nom Galaxy review

Nom Nom Galaxy blends together more genres than there are ingredients in soup. Read on to find out why that reference makes sense…

The first trailer I ever saw for Nom Nom Galaxy made it look overwhelming. When I read that the game would blend tower defense, sandbox exploration, resource management, construction and platforming… it felt like it could be too much. Having finally played the actual game, the developers’ greatest achievement is blending all that together and making it feel both accessible and fun.

While the description for Nom Nom Galaxy sounds complex, its premise is wonderfully simple. Everything in the game is about soup production – in a galaxy where nothing else seems to matter. You explore and gather resources (or rather, ingredients), while at the same time building and expanding your factory. You can do so by adding facilities, but also by purchasing robots which help to speed up and automate your process.

The soup business is an extremely competitive one though, where other companies won’t shy away from attacking you with military force. This triggers a (simplified) tower defense mode where you defend your factory using towers and missile turrets. Ward off the attack, and soup production can continue unhindered – which is essential for being able to ship your soup off into space, where hungry customers are eager for your creations.

Nom Nom Galaxy

In Nom Nom Galaxy, you start out as an Astroworker who crashes on an alien planet and has to find (and dig) his way to precious resources. That won’t last long though, and before long you’ll be building your own factory and setting up supply lines into space. Although the game looks sandbox-like, its actual structure is much more level-based than you’d expect. After bouncing back from your crash and conquering the first world you land on, you will venture further into space in an attempt to conquer other planets that are worthy of your intergalactic soup empire.

The transitions between the different gameplay modes are fairly seamless, so they never break the overall flow of the game. None of those gameplay modes are in any way brilliant by themselves, but they make for a diverse total package where the diversity ensures you won’t easily get bored despite a certain amount of repetition. In fact, your factory will look incredibly complex and impressive before you even know it, and the sight of it suddenly isn’t quite as daunting as you would have expected after watching the trailer.

I don’t mean to over-simplify the game either – though its basic dynamics are easy to grasp, its combination of base/factory-building, exploring and defending is intricate and leaves a lot of room for strategic and tactical choices. The game also supports (local) cooperative multiplayer, and although we didn’t try it out that is certain to also add to the game’s lasting appeal.

Nom Nom Galaxy may not be for the platforming, base-building or tower defense purists out there, but for those who casually like the genres that are being combined here it’s a fun diversion with a colorful exterior that doesn’t take itself too seriously and manages to entertain for hours on end.

Score: 7.2/10

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