Kyn update report

When Kyn came out, most of the reviews pointed out that it had a lot of potential, but was held back by numerous bugs and glitches that should have been fixed first. Let’s look at what happened since then.

Being an indie game, Kyn was developed by a small team – and luckily, the team has shown immense devotion to their project by releasing several updates since the original that fix a lot of the bugs that people encountered, but also add new features. To this end, they used a lot of community feedback – always a strong pillar in indie game development when it’s done well.

Aside from several potentially game-breaking bugs and a ton of small fixes, the game now also has a couple of improvements in its user interface – ranging from confirmation prompts to character highlighting. The camera work in the original release was also criticized, and camera rotation to allow for better angles has since been added.

If you were previously on the fence about this one and/or if isometric action RPGs are your thing, then check out Kyn on Steam. You can also find a list of the many improvements that have been done on there, and let’s hope the rest of the bugs get ironed out soon as well – so that Kyn’s full potential is finally reached.


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