Subaeria hits early access

A game that mixes sci-fi storytelling with action puzzling and procedurally generated levels… we’re interested.

Subaeria has recently hit Steam’s early access phase, and is described by its developer as a “roguelike action puzzler”. Developer Illogika Studios was previously responsible for the fun little Hitman-themed puzzler Hitman GO, but Subaeria is very different and more much action-oriented.

It’s also a story-driven experience which takes places in a dystopian future where the earth’s water levels have risen dramatically and giant corporations control much of what happens. We’ve seen similar backdrops in many sci-fi movies and games, but the heart of the game is rather unique.

Instead of focusing on combat mechanics, Subaeria wants you to focus on tricking your opponents into destroying each other by manipulating them and/or the environment. You also have acccess to a small drone that can do some of the work for you, but you’ll always want to avoid direct combat.

Despite being story-driven, the gameplay itself is not scripted but rather consists of procedurally generated levels. How they play out is probably best explained by watching some videos, so why not head over to the game’s web page for more info?


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