Rocketbirds 2: Evolution review (PS4/Vita)

The Rocketbirds franchise may not be a household name for most gamers, but the previous two games by developer Ratloop Asia were both quite well-received. This week marks the release of Rocketbirds 2: Evolution for the Playstation 4 and the Vita, which we’re reviewing today.

A Rocketbirds game is probably best described as an action platform with all the cinematic flair of a Hollywood action movie from the 80s. In Rocketbirds 2: Evolution, you once again play the role of Hardboiled, a chicken who is part Rambo, part James Bond. Using a variety of weapons and gadgets, you have to once again save the world. Your arch nemesis Putzki survived the events of the previous time your paths crossed each other, and now you’re being forced back into action to put an end his evil ambitions for good.

The game is presented with a cartoon-like style, which can be seen in the game itself but especially during the cutscenes – both of which are extremely well done with crisp high resolution graphics. The game is also drenched in humor – with a lot of it being chicken-related, including Hardboiled’s nickname as the “cock of war” and of course the fact that you can unlock a bunch of easter eggs. Most of the game’s humor is rather absurd in nature, so if that’s not your thing then this is not the game for you.


Rocketbirds 2 features twin-stick controls that allow you to aim and run in different directions, which makes for frantic and fluid scenarios throughout the game’s story mode. It’s especially useful in the game’s new Rescue Mode, which is designed to be played in multiplayer and allows you to rescue and recruit hostages. It doesn’t have the storytelling charm of the story mode, but it’s certain to give the game some more lasting appeal.

The game is both cross-buy and cross-save, so as long as you stay connected to PSN you can stop playing on your PS4 and pick up right where you left off when you turn on your Vita later on. While the game works very well on the Vita – in fact it’s one of the best action platformers ever made for the platform – we preferred the PS4 version. This was due to how precise the controls need to be when aiming for several targets in a row – it can be done on the Vita, but feels easier and more forgiving on the PS4.

Just like the game’s main character, Rocketbirds 2: Evolution isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It’s over the top in terms of action, explosiveness and humor – and we loved the game for it. If the Rocketbirds brand of egg-explosive action didn’t appeal to you in the previous game(s) then Ratloop’s latest isn’t likely to win you over, but for everyone else this is a great little action adventure and a must-have for fans of the previous titles.

Score: 8.1/10


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