WWE 2K Battlegrounds review (PS4)

If there’s one thing that the past few iterations of WWE 2K taught us, it’s that the series was in need of a bit of fresh air. Now, WWE 2K Battlegrounds is here – is it a much-needed new direction, or at least something to tide us over for a while? We checked out the PS4 version of the game, which is also available for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Continue reading “WWE 2K Battlegrounds review (PS4)”

Indie Roundup: Bounty Battle & Swordbreaker – The Game

Time for another look at a couple of indie game releases, as we tackle Bounty Battle from Dark Screen Games and Swordbreaker – The Game from DuCats Games Studio, which was originally released on Steam back in 2015 but has now been released for consoles thanks to ports by Sometimes You. Continue reading “Indie Roundup: Bounty Battle & Swordbreaker – The Game”