18 Floors (with DLC) review (PSVR)

Back in August, publisher Winking Entertainment released 18 Floors for Playstation VR, an escape room title developed by Aoga tech. Now, additional content has been released for the game by way of a free update – time to check out the game and see how it ranks among other Playstation VR escape room titles. Continue reading “18 Floors (with DLC) review (PSVR)”

The Midnight Sanctuary review (PSVR)

Released this past October under indie publishing label Unties, The Midnight Sanctuary by developer Cavyhouse recently received a game update that allows for the game to be played in virtual reality. Dusting off one of our Playstation VR headsets for the new year, we dove into this supernatural tale on a Playstation 4 Pro. Continue reading “The Midnight Sanctuary review (PSVR)”

RollerCoaster Arcade VR bundle review (PSVR)

Coming from Warducks this holiday is a bundle of three Playstation VR titles that range from a passive VR experience to intense shooting action. Here’s a look at the RollerCoaster Arcade VR bundle, which offers value for money if you’re looking to build your VR collection. Continue reading “RollerCoaster Arcade VR bundle review (PSVR)”