Mafia II Remastered review (PS4)

As part of the Mafia Trilogy that is coming out of the next few months, 2K has just released a remastered version of Mafia II. The updated version of the 2010 original launches alongside a ‘definitive edition’ of 2016’s Mafia III, with a remake of the original Mafia slated for August. This marks the first time you can play Mafia II on current consoles, so we tried it out on a PlayStation 4. Continue reading “Mafia II Remastered review (PS4)”

Super Mega Baseball 3 review (PS4)

Super Mega Baseball 3 sounds like a baseball sim straight from the Super Nintendo / Sega Mega Drive days, and in a way that rings true – it provides a fun and accessible alternative to MLB The Show and isn’t a system exclusive like Sony’s offering. We tested the PS4 version. Continue reading “Super Mega Baseball 3 review (PS4)”