Ghost of Tsushima review (PS4)

The long-awaited Ghost of Tsushima is here, possibly the last PlayStation exclusive from Sony to hit the PlayStation 4 and certainly the last one before the release of the PlayStation 5. Luckily, it’s a wonderful and fitting end to an era that cemented the PlayStation 4 as a console with an exceptional lineup of exclusives. Continue reading “Ghost of Tsushima review (PS4)”

Superhot: Mind Control Delete review (PS4)

Quite possibly the most innovative shooter of the last ten years or so gets a standalone sequel. Superhot: Mind Control Delete comes out this week, and fans of the original will want to grab hold of it. We playtested the PS4 version, but you can also pick it up on PC and Xbox One – with the game being free for those who own the original Superhot prior to the release of Mind Control Delete. Continue reading “Superhot: Mind Control Delete review (PS4)”