Forced Showdown – Drone Invasion DLC review (PC)

Forced Showdown – a bit like Smash TV on steroids with a bit of card collecting thrown in – has received its first major addon. The Drone Invasion DLC is out and we’re checking to see what’s new.

The Drone Invasion DLC follows a similar pattern to what a lot of game addons on steam have done: it adds a little more of everything. While story-heavy games tend to get extra chapters, a game like Forced Showdown is better served with a wider approach than that. There is a new campaign, but you also get a new character, a new game world with tons of new enemies and a stack of new cards to collect and use.

The basic formula for the game hasn’t changed, despite all the new additions. You’re still taking part in a sci-fi game show, and aside from brawling and shooting there is also your card deck to consider. Pick the right deck of cards, and you might gain an edge in battle. What the addon does very well is enhance the depth of this experience – with the drones using different abilities than what you’re used to, and new cards offering extra ways to fight them (and others as well).

We’d recommend this addon to existing players of Forced Showdown, but would advise newcomers to just play the base game first. That way you’re saving 10 euros/dollars on your initial purchase, it’s less overwhelming, and you’re still getting a full experience, whereas it’s a no-brainer once you’ve gotten hooked in the game. In that case, this is the logical next purchase for you – it adds a ton to the game’s lasting appeal, and not just through the extra chapter that was added.

Score: 7.4/10


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