Inferno Climber review (PC)

Inferno Climber has been released for Windows through Steam, and promises a blend of action RPG and survival.

The history is Inferno Climber’s development is a somewhat interesting one. It was originally scheduled for release on PS4 as well, when suddenly that version was cancelled. That didn’t feel like a good sign to us, since it probably wasn’t because of technical limitation on the PS4’s side.

The game’s story is rather formulaic and presents the player with a history involving magical stones that went missing as they were spread across the land during a period where the world fell into darkness. Your job, of course, is to traverse different corners of the world in search of these stones as you try to bring back order and peace.


Inferno Climber presents an odd but interesting mix of visual and gameplay styles. It looks like a Chibi-esque game (like a dark version of the recent Little King’s Story remake), but plays like a cross between Dark Souls and Zelda. Platforming and puzzle elements are Zelda-inspired, whereas the combat and difficulty spikes are a bit like Dark Souls.

All the usual action RPG tropes are accounted for as well – with plenty of hack and slash action, ways to level up your character (of which there are 8 to choose from at the start of each game) as well as loot that you can gather to strengthen your skills and weapons. There are plenty of different enemies to encounter, and a lengthy campaign to play through.

Playing Inferno Climber is like seeing a collection of elements come together that work and can be fun to play, but where none of them ever really excel. It’s no surprise that the game doesn’t live up to the likes of Zelda or Dark Souls (few games do) but it’s hard to find those elements of the game that turn it into a solid recommendation. The game’s visual style is certainly different, but it didn’t strike a chord with me.


Luckily, the game’s weak points are also limited in number. When you echo a game like Dark Souls, balancing difficulty becomes crucial – and Inferno Climber has a mechanic that tilts this slightly towards the ‘frustrating’ side of things. When you die in a dangerous area, even though you’ve leveled up and are rocking some serious weapons, you can try to revive yourself. However, you have to do so using a character without any experience and weapons – making it a horrible grind in some cases.

Aside from that issue, Inferno Climber is actually a fairly decent game to play through. It never wowed us, but it did keep us entertained for close to fifteen hours and that can’t be a bad sign. If you’re not expecting the next great action RPG but are just looking for something new to play, then this could be it.

Score: 6.7/10

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