Darksiders Warmastered edition review (PS4)

The original Darksiders game returns with a Warmastered edition, making both iconic games now available for modern consoles. We took a look at the PS4 version.

When the “Deathinitive” edition of Darksiders II was released, we wondered if we were never going to see a remake of the original. After all, why release it when you made the decision to skip ahead to the second one? Perhaps the warm reception that the Deathinitive edition got swayed THQ Nordic towards remaking the first game as well – or perhaps they planned to do it this way all along and just prefer to be different.

The remastered edition of Darksiders gives the original game roughly the same treatment that Darksiders II got. The game is now rendered at a 1080p resolution on consoles, but it’s not just a resolution upgrade. After all, just stretching an old game to fit a bigger resolution won’t really make it look better. To help with this, the Warmastered edition also has improved texture resolutions and enhanced shadow and post processing effects. The game’s framerate was boosted to a stable 60 frames per second, although we’re fairly certain we saw a little bit of slowdown in busy scenes later on in the game.


The game itself, and the story behind it, is of course the same as it was over six years ago. You’re War, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse (Darksiders II features Death), and you’ve been set up. To rectify this, you have to battle through the forces of hell and solve puzzles along the way. Making sure you’re not doing the same thing for over 10 hours, Darksiders gradually introduces new abilities for you to unlock and use – and opens up new environments designed for you to do just that. It’s the formula that made the original game such a hit, and it has stood the test of time wonderfully well.

At its core, Darksiders is a third person action game with an emphasis on combat and some mild to heavy platforming and puzzle solving thrown into the mix. The combat starts out as basic hack and slash, but gets more intricate as you unlock new abilities. Boss fights mix up the pace as well, and each boss will require a different tactic and/or ability to defeat them. Every now and then, you can also activate “Chaos” mode, which supercharges you and allows you to quickly lay waste to your opponents.

Would I pick up the Warmastered edition again myself? Probably not – I have extensively played the original game and the Warmastered edition doesn’t hold any surprises for me. However, if you haven’t had the chance to play this modern classic then definitely pick it up – it’s available at a budget price point yet ranks among the best in its genre.

Score: 8.0/10


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