My Arcade Pixel Player review (retro)

We take a look at the My Arcade Pixel Player, which after a previous release in the US is now also available for UK and EU-based consumers (see, we’re pretending Brexit happened smoothly here). We take a look at what could be a great father’s day gift for videogame-minded dads. Continue reading “My Arcade Pixel Player review (retro)”

Titan Quest: Atlantis DLC review (PC)

When the Ragnarok expansion for Titan Quest was released, it mostly stood out because it was a new chapter about ten years after the release of the original game. THQ Nordic’s done it again, with another expansion for the classic action RPG. What does the Atlantis DLC bring? Continue reading “Titan Quest: Atlantis DLC review (PC)”

Hitman HD Enhanced Collection review (PS4)

Even though Hitman 2’s season has only just kicked off, a new Agent 47 release is already upon us. The Hitman HD Enhanced Collection bundles upgraded versions of Hitman: Blood Money and Hitman Absolution in a package that’s out now for Xbox One and Playstation 4. We tested it on a Playstation 4 Pro for this review. Continue reading “Hitman HD Enhanced Collection review (PS4)”