Sonic Colours: Ultimate review (PS4)

As far as gaming mascots go, Sonic is one of the most iconic ones out there, and since Sega stopped making consoles he’s branched out to nearly every platform out there. Now, to help mark the hedgehog’s 30th anniversary, a new and enhanced version of Sonic Colours is out – a game that originally launched in 2010 for the Wii. We tested Sonic Colour: Ultimate on a PlayStation 4 Pro. Continue reading “Sonic Colours: Ultimate review (PS4)”

Port roundup: Quake, Traffic Jams, Pretty Girls Panic!, Alveole & Cookie Clicker

Trade show season is always full of new announcements and upcoming hits, but this past week we also saw plenty of games re-appear on new systems. Time for a look at five recent ports, as we check out the remastered version of Quake, Traffic Jams on PSVR, Pretty Girls Panic!, Alveole and the PC release of Cookie Clicker. Continue reading “Port roundup: Quake, Traffic Jams, Pretty Girls Panic!, Alveole & Cookie Clicker”

Space Invaders Invincible Collection review (Switch)

The Space Invaders Invincible Collection is possibly the largest collection of Space Invaders games out there, and it’s available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Time for a closer look at ININ Games’ latest retro treasure. Continue reading “Space Invaders Invincible Collection review (Switch)”

Release roundup: The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, Frostpunk & Trigger Witch

Last week saw three new releases that we didn’t manage to fit in before the weekend, but that we enjoyed playing nonetheless. Here are our thoughts on Capcom’s Ace Attorney Chronicles, the complete edition of Frostpunk for consoles and Trigger Witch from Eastasiasoft. Continue reading “Release roundup: The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, Frostpunk & Trigger Witch”

A Farewell to the PlayStation Vita

That’s all, folks. Last week, the final batch of digital releases rolled out for the PlayStation Vita, ending a run of almost ten years since the launch of the original version of the handheld. This week, we’re checking out that final wave of new games while also looking at the development side of things, but we wanted to kick it all off with our own thoughts. Continue reading “A Farewell to the PlayStation Vita”