I Expect You To Die review (PSVR)

I Expect You To Die is a must-have VR experience available for the Playstation VR. It’s not available in all EU countries (yet), but it’s so good that you’ll want to create an account in another country just for the purpose of being able to get it.

Of course the words “I Expect You To Die” are, at least for movie fans, preceded by “Do you expect me to talk? No Mr. Bond….”. This is a virtual reality game by Schell Games that is an obvious homage to the James Bond franchise, from start to finish. This can be taken quite literally, as even the intro sequence, with its musical score, silhouettes, bullets and flames, feels like a highlight reel composed of James Bond opening sequences.


Not surprisingly, you assume the role of a secret agent in four action-packed episodes. Although they’re intense, this isn’t the same kind of experience that The London Heist offers – but in some ways much more of an escape room kind of experience. There are puzzles to solve, dangers to avert and spectacular escapes to be made. Certain death seems to always be just around the corner as well, so it’s your job to pull off that miraculous escape – just like Bond would.

I Expect You To Die is controlled with a set of move controllers, and they work extremely well in crafting an immersive spy experience as you search around your environment to try and find something that might help you or as you try to diffuse a bomb. The game’s four levels are incredibly diverse in what’s being asked of you, even though they all stick with a basic escape room type of premise.


The audiovisual delivery is entirely in sync with the classic Bond theme as well – this is the Sean Connery and Roger Moore-era of Bond we’re talking, and sure to thrill even those Bond fans who normally aren’t interested in video games. The music, the environments and the situations you end up in – it’s all the classic super spy stuff that was inspired by decades of 007. The experience is unfortunately on the short side, but it’s longer than The London Heist. I Expect You To Die is, after dozens of Bond games over the course of 30+ years, probably the closest thing to actually starring in a Bond movie – it’s just too bad that it’s not as long as a full length movie, with four episodes averaging about 20 minutes in length.

Nevertheless – highly recommended, and one of those games you’ll keep starting up because you want your friends to see and experience it. Looking forward to whatever comes next from Schell.

Score: 8.2/10

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