Bandit Six: Combined Arms review (PSVR)

Bandit Six: Combined Arms brings two Gear VR titles to Playstation VR in an affordable little package. How well does the experience translate?

From the moment that VR first appeared on the scene and we journalists got to sample what it could do, it was clear that gallery shooters were going to be a big part of the first wave of games. They were great for getting around the fact that movement inside VR is a challenge, as staying stationary in a gallery or on-rails shooter isn’t a problem at all.

bandit six2

This was an especially big trend in mobile VR games, designed for hardware like Samsung’s Gear VR. Bandit Six: Combined Arms contains two examples of that era – and they’re two of the better ones. Bandit Six is a fairly one-dimensional shooter that straps you to the turret seat of a WW2 plane, whereas Bandit Six: Salvo also lets you switch between turrets while on board of a larger plane. Getting to place the turrets provides a small degree of tactical gameplay as well, making it a slightly more involved experience than the first Bandit Six game.

While both games are perfectly functional – aided by the fact that there’s an upgrade system that keeps things interesting over time – they’re also very basic in nature. Their mobile VR roots are clear to see, especially on a platform like Playstation VR where we’ve seen excellent arcade/gallery shooters like Lethal VR and the recent VR Invaders. Bandit Six doesn’t live up to the level of those games, but does provide a little mindless fun the way that well-designed mobile games tend to do. It’s also an easy option to play with friends, as you can pick it up and play without any introduction. Still, at more or less the same price as a game like Lethal VR, it’s hard to recommend Bandit Six unless you’re a big fan of VR and eager to add another title to your lineup. It’s solid and fun, just unremarkable.

Score: 6.0/10

bandit six3

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