A VR-only alternative to metacritic

Whether you look up game reviews on gamerankings.com or metacritic.com, there isn’t really a good filter for VR enthusiasts to quickly find the latest and best games for their platform. That’s where vrgamecritic.com steps in – providing a metacritic-like experience with an exclusive focus on VR.

Vrgamecritic.com caters to owners and fans of the three major headsets now available: the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive and the Playstation VR. For games that are multiplatform releases, you can easily see the breakdown of review aggregates separated by platform as well.

As our own focus has been on Playstation VR for these past few months, fans of virtual reality gaming could do a lot worse than to explore the wealth of content already available – including a wide host of titles that are excellent but platform-exclusive, including titles like Robo Recall and Lone Echo.

Of course, our own Press Play reviews also feature on the site – but you’ll have to keep checking here for anything non-VR! If you have any interest in VR though, then be sure to bookmark www.vrgamecritic.com as soon as possible.

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