Cities: Skylines review (PS4)

We rejoiced when Cities: Skylines came to the Xbox One, and now it’s available for PS4 as well. Was the conversion handled just as well this time around?

It almost goes without saying that the game that PS4 owners are getting isn’t new – there was a free theme and soundtrack bonus for those who preordered it, but the in-game experience is nearly identical to the Xbox One release. Just as with that version, you’re not just getting the base game but also the After Dark expansion that was initially released for PC owners – and PS4 owners, like their friends with an Xbox One, will also have to wait for a possible release of any additional DLC packages.

When it comes to the game itself, our original Xbox One review does a fairly good job at describing how the translation to console was handled. Imagine the Xbox One version with the button prompts replaced with Dualshock symbols, and you get the idea. You might even consider this PS4 review redundant, were it not for one significant difference: the Playstation 4 Pro.

cities skylines 2

With the Xbox One X not here for at least a few more months, the Playstation 4 Pro is the one console that really lets Cities: Skylines stretch its muscles. This isn’t especially noticeable during the early stages of the game where your city is not much more than the size of a small suburb, but when you look at both versions side by side you start noticing the performance increase as your city grows.

There is significantly less slowdown when zooming in, and the game doesn’t appear to be scaling back its visual quality when things become taxing as much either. Although this was a well-handled and needed sacrifice on the Xbox, it’s nice to see a console version that is a closer match to the PC original.

For this reason, we’ll score Cities: Skylines a fraction higher than the Xbox One version – although that one might catch up again once the Xbox One X hits stores, although details about performance boosts in older titles are not fully clear yet. Until that time, the PS4 version is the best option that console owners have, provided that they have a little extra horsepower under the hood.

Score: 8.3/10

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