Xploder Cheat System review (PS4)

Remember the Game Genie from back in the (S)NES and Genesis/Mega Drive days? Or perhaps the Action Replay or Game Shark? There’s a brand new way to cheat in many of your PS4 games thanks to the Xploder software package, from the people behind Action Replay and Game Shark. It’s now available for all regions and we took the software for a spin.

Because today’s games no longer come on cartridges – at least not the PS4 ones – some things have changed, and you’ll need access to a PC or Mac. The Xploder software works with both disc-based and digital PS4 games, and the only physical item you’ll use with your console is a USB stick.

The way it works it that you copy your saved game from your PS4 to a USB stick and then bring that over to your PC. You can use any regular USB stick for this – it’s not an Xploder hardware product since the entire Xploder solution is software-based. The software runs on a PC (or Mac, though I didn’t try that option) and connects to a database of cheats and savegames, which will be used to create and modify a save game that works just on your PSN account. Copy that back to the USB stick, import it to your PS4, and you’re good to go. The saves function like any other saved game, so you’re not in danger of being banned either.

It’s easy to use, as long as you have access to a PC, but what are the main benefits of enabling these modified saves? The Xploder system doesn’t work like the old systems that would actually modify game code, after all….


I’ve found that the Xploder system’s main uses can be divided up into three categories. If you’re an achievement hunter, this is an awesome way to really quickly bump up your trophy level. It may not give you the same level of satisfaction that actually achieving the trophies yourself does, but it sure makes your trophy ranking look impressive.

For those that don’t care too much about that, the option to quickly access content that is locked is very appealing. Think about LEGO or fighting game characters that can be played with right away, or levels that otherwise don’t open up to you until much later.

In a small number of games, the Xploder system is able to use saves that work a little bit like the console cheat systems of old. These cheats give you immense boosts (like maxed out resources or health), but you can still play the game from scratch – essentially giving you a “super easy mode” if “easy” just isn’t quite easy enough yet. Dark Souls 3 having such a mode isn’t half bad, I’ll say.

The Xploder system for the PS4 works great and I haven’t found a single game in my library that didn’t work as long as it was in the Xploder library. The current Xploder database features about 100 games, but more have been promised – and on a regular basis too. Certain gamers will always look down on cheating your way to success in games, but for others this is definitely worth a look.

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