World of Warriors review (PS4)

Based on a mobile title by Mind Candy, World of Warriors has been given the console makeover for its PS4 release. Developed by Saber Interactive and published by Sony, let’s see how this brawler survived the transition to the big screen.

Although we have a few Vita fans on the team and there are a few (3)DS handhelds that are mainly used when traveling, none of us at Press Play really play mobile games unless they make it over to another platform. I never played Angry Birds on a phone, but played the heck out of it on my PC when it became available there and it’s still frequently played on my Vita. World of Warriors is similar to many mobile games in that I wasn’t even aware of the game until the PS4 version was announced. Like nearly all mobile games, it’s based on an accessible kind of fun but has some trouble shaking its mobile roots.

What World of Warriors essentially does is bring warriors from all different eras and corners of the world together in a game – like For Honor does it, but with a visual style that sits somewhere in between Little King’s Story and the Chibi style of animation. Think cute and colorful Roman soldiers, duking it out with Vikings while fending off a bunch of Samurai. The game definitely got the HD treatment with some clear and detailed 3D models, but it shows that the original game ran on 2014 Android/iOS hardware.

World Of Warriors

You start off with only two warriors, but over the course of the game you can unlock many more until you reach a roster of forty different warriors. You do this by collecting “honor stones”, and you can further progress by opening treasure chests with items to boost your character’s stats. This is in addition to the natural progression that you get from defeating enemies, but it’s also something that was inherited from the mobile version’s system of microtransactions. Saber has done away with these, but it does mean the pricing model is a bit different as well.

While the mobile version is free to play and features microtransactions through which you purchase items, the PS4 edition of World of Warriors has an all-inclusive price of 29.99 in euros of 24.99 in pounds. What might leave a sour taste is the fact that the US version is available for 19.99, which currently converts to just over half the price that European gamers pay. In terms of content and quality, the US price point feels fairer too, so let’s hope these prices become better aligned soon.

World Of Warriors2

The basic combat gameplay is quite simplistic, as you’d expect from a mobile title. Mashing the attack button and moving out of the way when an opponent attacks is usually the only tactic you’ll need, so this is definitely a game on the easy side of the spectrum as far as brawlers go. There are extra challenges you can opt for in order to unlock more stars per level (again, something familiar from mobile titles – see my Angry Birds experience), but because the gameplay doesn’t change this will mostly appeal to completionists.

Subtle RPG elements are in place as well, like the ability to craft items and a “class” system where warriors are aligned with a certain element that makes them more or less effective against opponents of a different element. Water is stronger against fire, for instance.

Although World of Warriors isn’t a standout brawler in the traditional sense (especially on consoles), it’s very accessible and designed to be played in multiplayer as well – either online or through local coop. This is undoubtedly the game’s strong point, as it has the ability to draw in people who are generally overwhelmed by brawlers and their difficulty level, or are too young to enjoy them. If you’re in that niche, then World of Warriors is definitely worth a look. If you’re looking for a deep and refined brawler or action RPG, this isn’t it.

Score: 6.6/10

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