Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality review (PSVR)

Fans of the early Playstation VR title Job Simulator have had to wait a long time for Owlchemy Labs’ follow-up VR title. Rick and Morty – Virtual Rick-ality has been out on Steam for almost a year, but the Playstation VR version wasn’t released until this week. Luckily, it’s been worth the wait.

Unlike Job Simulator, Rick and Morty is (of course) a licensed title, based on the Cartoon Network show that bears the same name. To me this was a warning light and something to be excited about at the same time. After all, VR can be a great way of transporting you inside the shows you enjoy passively watching – as the Voltron VR Chronicles showed us. On the other hand, games like Voltron also demonstrate how these experiences can be rather short on content.

Rick and Morty – Virtual Rick-ality is a total success in giving you the sense that you’re part of the show, but like Voltron it’s also relatively short on content. Luckily, Owlchemy labs has found a way around the relatively low amount of story-driven content by making sure nearly the entire game world can be interacted with. This means that you can keep combining objects, tossing things and playing around with stuff for a long time after you wrap up the story aspect.

rick and morty

Speaking of which, the interactive story is made up out of nine different levels (or mini-episodes) and as you unlock more of the story you also unlock a trio of minigames that you can play. These can then be played outside of the story mode as well, and include a wave shooter – it really is a wonderful week for VR shooter fans with Time Carnage and Operation Warcade also coming to PSVR.

You get quite a bit of guidance early on in the game, with Move controller-specific tutorials as well as story-driven tasks that introduce you to the game’s core dynamics. Most of these come from Morty, who instructs you (a clone of his) to perform tasks for him while he’s out and about. A lot of these are quite basic in nature, and they work much like how Job Simulator had you perform a series of tasks.

The PC-based versions of the game has a feature where another player in the room was able to control the camera and see the game unfold from that perspective, but that sadly didn’t make it into the Playstation version. It doesn’t change much for the player as long as you’re playing by yourself, but it would have been fun to see the camera turn towards you and then toss something at it before hearing your friend react.

rick and morty3

What should make fans of the show happy is that visually, everything looks just like you’re part of the actual TV show. In addition, the voice cast from the TV show also lends their voice talents to the videogame version and the writing is very consistent with the TV show’s tone as well. This gives the game a great sense of personality and it makes navigating the otherwise often mundane tasks the game can throw at you feel like a lot of fun.

The story’s not the biggest draw here though – it’s the interactive game world that has been created for Virtual Rick-ality. After you go through the story content, you’ll be able to find plenty of new things to do and discover. You can chase high scores in the mini games, but being able to really interact with the game world is what’ll eat up the most of your time. Best geared towards Rick and Morty fans, this is a game with a ton of fan service that can also be enjoyed by VR enthusiasts who are not familiar with the show. If you don’t appreciate the sense of humor, however, you might be disappointed – better check a few clips before you buy.

Score: 7.9/10

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