Dark Rose Valkyrie review (PC)

Dark Rose Valkyrie, previously available on PS4, has now been launched for PC through Steam. Here’s a quick look at the conversion that’s been done.

When we reviewed the PS4 version of the game back June of 2017, we mentioned that it had so-so visuals and suffered from repetition, but it had plenty of interesting game ideas to make it worthwhile. The PC version is, content-wise and in terms of gameplay, identical to its PS4 cousin, so a lot of what we wrote back then still applies.

One of the benefits of the PC version arriving close to a year later is that all the post-release DLC content for the game on PS4 is available at launch on Steam. The downside? It wasn’t included in the base game, and you’ll end up paying close to twice the base price if you want the deluxe edition with all the DLC content included.

dark rose3

The biggest question surrounding the PC version is, however, how well it performs. Sadly, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. The game is very stable and didn’t crash once during our playtesting, but the framerate tends to take a noticeable hit whenever a busy scene (like a combat scenario) starts. It recovers soon after, but it’s definitely a worse experience than the PS4 one.

What I noticed was that reinstalling on an SSD drive would help with some of the stuttering, but didn’t eradicate it completely. Hopefully this is something that will be fixed with an update, because Dark Rose Valkyrie – visually speaking – isn’t a game that stresses modern graphics cards to anywhere close to their maximum capacity. I would suggest keeping an eye on the Steam forums to see how the game’s performance is in a few weeks/months – once it’s been smoothed out, feel free to refer to our PS4 review for what you might expect.

dark rose

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